Combining graphic design, professional photography and website design, Walton Creative brings together all the media and design services you will need to successfully promote your business.



Digital photographs, can be shot here, or at your location.

    Subjects include; products, food, interiors, close-ups, medical and more. My photos are supplied in both high and low resolution, on disk or via the internet and are ideal for websites, printed promotions, magazines and advertising.

Website Design

During our first free briefing meeting, we can discuss the type of website you require and your design ideas.

    I can also advise you on your choice of domain names and hosting, as well as help to explain the technical jargon.

    See examples of recent work, or ask to see other projects in progress.

Graphic Design

For all your graphic design needs including; logos, stationery, brochures, flyers, leaflets, shop signage, and van graphics. I can also design photograph and produce larger catalogues and books.

    Contact me to ask for advice, discuss your ideas and to arrange a free meeting.

Studio Jewellery Photographs for Valerie Kennard

Valerie Kennard creates beautiful designer jewellery, specialising in pearls, semi-precious stones, gold and silver. Valerie had some earlier shots taken by a different photographer that had the jewellery shot on a pale grey gloss background. My initial challenge was to find a similar shade of grey and for the surface to be gloss, so paper was ruled out straight away. Eventually I found a company making material very similar to Formica but in a gloss finish. Using the sheet of gloss grey we worked on some sample shots to check that the colour matched the existing photographs.

    I had my doubts about using a grey background as I thought it would look boring, but was amazed to find the grey was ideal for shooting the very pale pearls. Using angled, low lighting it was possible to enhance the shadows and reflections.

    My photographs are now being used on Valerie's e-commerce website which I have recently completed.


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