Marketing Brochure for Ragged Rose
Marketing Brochure for Ragged Rose

Brochure and Leaflet designs for Ragged Rose

I suggested a fold out brochure (above) for greater impact rather than a normal A5 booklet. This meant most of the products from each range could appear together. The location shots were all taken in half a day, the rest of the product shots were taken here in the studio. For the leaflet featuring the Christmas range (below) around half of the products had not been manufactured, so they had to be created in Photoshop to meet the trade show deadline. To avoid my client having to cope with sending large high resolution files, I created a high res press library of photographs so that editors can choose the photos they like and simply click to download them. The brochure and leaflet are also available for easy PDF download there too. The images will also be used extensively on the Ragged Rose website to be lauched soon.


Ragged Rose Brochure 3MB pdf

Ragged Rose Leaflet 2MB pdf

Ragged Rose Location Shots


Ragged Rose Press Library
see and download hi-res images

Leaflet for Ragged Rose - insidesLeaflet for Ragged Rose, front and back
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