Website Design for Rug Design Company, Anna V Rugs

Anna Vereker wanted a fresh bright new look for her website, so I have reworked it completely into an e-commerce site, capable of taking debit and credit card payments.

    The page content, photographs and text can all now be updated by Anna herself. Prices, sale details and banners can all be changed too.

    The photographs shown here are ones I have shot over the years, Anna is planning to add her own photographs and even those sent in from her customers. I have designed the website so that the customer's photographs have their own special page. Unlike the real photographs these cannot be enlarged, so avoiding any quality problems.

    The other photographs of rugs can be enlarged, then a simple roll over the thumbnail displays a location photograph, the whole rug or a close-up detail.


Read about photographs shot for the website

Anna V Rugs web page 1
Anna V Rugs web page 2
Anna V Rugs web page 3
Anna V Rugs web page 4
Anna V Rugs web page 5
Anna V Rugs web page 6
Anna V Rugs web page 7
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