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Yumptious Logos for Cupcake Maker

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The word Yumptious is derived from Yummy and Scrumptious, which nicely describes their cupcakes. Asked to design their new logo I finally had the chance to use a new circus-inspired font, with the hilarious name Bearded Lady, shown on the top row. It was also a chance to use the more obscure fonts I have in my ever-increasing collection of typefaces.

I liked the idea of emphasising the join between the two words, so a lot of the logos feature various devices from stars to heraldic shields featuring cupcakes. Another thought was to incorporate a subtitle that explains the word, so I used the wording Yummy & Scrumptious to sit alongside some of the designs.

The client narrowed down the choice to about 10 logos, from these I chose the one that I felt was the strongest and incorporating the subtitle. The chosen one is shown middle row, fourth up from the bottom.

Click on the logos here to download an example of the PDFs I send to clients for them to choose from.