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Spot The Fake!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Well as you might have guessed, they are all fake. When shooting products I often have to create images of items that don't actually exist.

From this selection the patchwork quilt was by far the most difficult as I didn't have samples of all the fabrics either. The white areas of the quilt are actually a mattress protector from BHS that I shot and manipulated to fit the perspective.

The giant foot stool in the middle was easy as it was just changed from pink to green, the peg bag is actually two napkins shot then patched together with shading around the edge to make it look more like a bag. The pair of pink slippers was actually only one slipper. The other is a duplicate. The oven gloves actually had stripes on the back so this is made up along with the faked quilting pattern too.

Finally the two tea towels at the bottom are actually from cushions twisted and duplicated with a small shadow to make them look convincing.

What do you think? Let me know!

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New Photos for BD Foods

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

These shots were taken specifically to send to one of BD Foods’ stockists, the foodservice company Thomas Ridley.

This time the sauces were from lots of different countries so there was no quick way to whizz through taking all the photos. Each one had to be planned in advance with props sourced from Ebay, in London or from my rapidly growing prop hire cupboards!

As the food itself is NOT the focal point of the photographs, I had to contrive a method of getting the sauces shown in a bowl or jug each time so that the customer would realise they were buying a sauce and not a ready meal.

The photographs are of sauces to accompany foods from: America, Africa, Britain, Mexico, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

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Jasmine Starts Her Modelling Career

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Pretty girl holding pumpkin

I asked Jasmine's mum and dad if they would mind her modelling a coat for me. Jasmine came along very excited and every single shot of the photoshoot was as charming as these. Being near to halloween I had a some pumpkins to hand so they seemed the perfect prop to go with this luxurious winter coat from Olivia Rose.

Jasmine doesn't know it yet but I think the coat might be her birthday present.

Bishops Green Grocers

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Ben at Bishop's Green Grocers wanted an e-commerce website but without the time to update the site with products each day I suggested a cut-down version that could be upgraded to e-commerce later when staff and funds become available.

When I took the shots for the website I used the lovely old baskets that were hidden on the top shelf to display the fruit and veg. I cheated a little by re-staging the displays to give a lush, rustic look.

Ben is aiming to refit the shop soon. Replacing the shop sign with my new design, which matches the website.

Visit Bishop's Green Grocers website.

Packaging Shots for BD Foods

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

I am working on the website and designs for BD Foods in St. Leonard’s. Each of the products is supplied to different clients in different packaging, so to standardise the appearance on-line, I decided to shoot empty bottles and containers without labels.

Each of the containers was shot on its own, then cutout. This group shot was made up of different layers in Photoshop. By making some of the layers slightly see-through it was possible to give the effect of semi-transparent plastics. (See the two squeezy bottles in the middle of the group).

I have also shot example products to appear in the menu of the website. Plus a whole range of food shots to use on the website… more blog photos coming soon!

Sparks for Nature’s Best

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

My latest brief from Nature’s best was to find a way to illustrate the supplement Co-Q10 known as the biochemical spark plug, giving an indication of its powers.

The previous packaging showed an actual spark plug. I suggested showing two tablets touching each other – inspired by the image of the fingers touching each other by Leonardo Da Vinci.

As the sparks were going to be the most unpredictable I shot these first. Making the whole studio light tight I pushed a sparker into black polyboard and shot directly from above. Sparklers only last a few seconds so I had to try a series of different shots to achieve the best sparks at the correct exposure.

This was the best shot taken at 1/160th sec at F3 ISO 200 using my fast 60mm lens.

The real capsules are tiny and covered in some sort of sticky substance that was a magnet to dust. The most practical solution, given the time, was to cheat and find a similar shaped capsule to use instead. The real tablets are solid opaque black, but the only ones I could find are these cod liver oil capsules which are clear dark bronze colour and not as fat as the real ones. None the less I felt I could fix all of these problems later in Photoshop.

I shot the row of tablets in different positions on black glass straight from above again, using flash this time. Two softboxes where put low down on either side of the  capsules to give long thin highlights.

The only part left to do now was choose the best shots and combine them in photoshop. The dust was still terrible despite all the cleaning along the way. For the final image I combined seven layers to produce this version, putting two sparks on top of each other and blending with vivid light to make them extra sparky.

Front Cover for Nature’s Best Magazine

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Nature’s Best (the vitamin and food supplements company) asked me to take a series of photos for their January front cover, featuring of one of their range of winter-warming products – embedded in a giant ice cube!

I shot the ice cube on a sheet of frosted class, lit from below, with two other spots for back-lighting and a fill-in flash at the front.

The beauty of using frosted glass is that when the surface gets wet it turns nearly transparent – making the pool of water below the cube much more defined.

I had worried that the ice might melt too fast, but in fact we needed to use the client’s blowtorch to speed up the melting process!

Copenhagen Candles Design Updates

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Copenhagen Candles are constantly changing their range of perfumed candles – and the packaging too.

These are a range of simple labels for their newest range of ultra-stylish candles with beautiful stainless steel lids.

All the shots where taken here in the studio, with a few cheats along the way. Vanilla flowers are hard to find, so this is in fact the bottom of a plastic milk bottle chopped up and yellow highlighter pen added to the back.

The baby powder had the bottom chopped of and then clamped to a stand. The powder could then be topped up without taking the set to pieces. The flow of powder looked ok but I thought maybe water or milk might give a more defined edge. Wrong! it just sloshed all over the studio floor, but worth a try. The final shot had the stream of powder retouched and curved down in photoshop.

The last shot is waiting for a little jewellery box ‘treasure chest’ to put the faux Frankincense and Myrrh into. I put a bid in for two on Ebay and managed to win both of them, so will have to see which of the two looks the best.

Having researched the Frankincense and Myrrh resins I found a remarkable likeness to them in sugar crystals and dried apricots! so watch this space to see what the final shot looks like.

Anna V Rugs Website

Saturday, November 29th, 2008


The website for Anna V rugs is now almost complete. All that is left now is the fun job to shoot the missing location shots for the rest of the rugs. These should have been completed well before Christmas, but it seems the chaps making the rugs in India haven’t started making them yet!
Visit the Anna V Rugs website.