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Tribute to Mr Schuster

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Ok, so I know I look like either a funeral director, mad scientist, or a pigeon fancier, but I love wearing waistcoats! For anyone still awake, most of these are ebay finds. Although a few I bought must have been cast offs from Charlie Cairoli.

I love the challenge of finding a waistcoat that will bring together the colours in the shirt and tie.

Simple things… !

Jasmine Starts Her Modelling Career

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Pretty girl holding pumpkin

I asked Jasmine's mum and dad if they would mind her modelling a coat for me. Jasmine came along very excited and every single shot of the photoshoot was as charming as these. Being near to halloween I had a some pumpkins to hand so they seemed the perfect prop to go with this luxurious winter coat from Olivia Rose.

Jasmine doesn't know it yet but I think the coat might be her birthday present.

Scanning Old Photos

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

With my mother’s 80th birthday coming up soon I have been looking through my dad’s old slides. At every family gathering out would come my dad’s Kodak rangefinder camera. He was very meticulous, being obsessed with photography, even building his own darkroom and enlarger for black and white prints. The slides have been very well preserved, all carefully labelled with the date and event. This one was taken on the 7th April 1962. I am in red.

Thanks to Paul Spencer at PDScanning for the scans to bring these memories back to life.