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The Highline in Google’s Street View

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

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What a brilliant idea! You can now take a virtual stroll along the wonderful High Line in Manhattan. Even the map whizzing along has the feeling of being on a train. It’s inspired!

Crazy Hedgehogs

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

I have been working on website designs for a French nursery school called Le Herisson (The Hedgehog). The brief was to make the website fun for parents to look at with their young children, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to create some of my own hedgehog artworks (children-style).

The black line was sketched on scrap paper then scanned. The colour layers were added in photoshop so that I could change them easily. Each of the illustrations were then saved to the same size and uploaded to a demo website page for the client to see.

If the illustrations were in the same order it would look too tidy, so I created a small php script that made them appear randomly across the page.

I also tried displaying whole screens of just one of the illustrations repeated – which gave a much more wallpaper-like appearance.

The website is now completed – so you can see the finished project.

Spot The Fake!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Well as you might have guessed, they are all fake. When shooting products I often have to create images of items that don't actually exist.

From this selection the patchwork quilt was by far the most difficult as I didn't have samples of all the fabrics either. The white areas of the quilt are actually a mattress protector from BHS that I shot and manipulated to fit the perspective.

The giant foot stool in the middle was easy as it was just changed from pink to green, the peg bag is actually two napkins shot then patched together with shading around the edge to make it look more like a bag. The pair of pink slippers was actually only one slipper. The other is a duplicate. The oven gloves actually had stripes on the back so this is made up along with the faked quilting pattern too.

Finally the two tea towels at the bottom are actually from cushions twisted and duplicated with a small shadow to make them look convincing.

What do you think? Let me know!

See more photographs for Ragged Rose.

Bishops Green Grocers

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Ben at Bishop's Green Grocers wanted an e-commerce website but without the time to update the site with products each day I suggested a cut-down version that could be upgraded to e-commerce later when staff and funds become available.

When I took the shots for the website I used the lovely old baskets that were hidden on the top shelf to display the fruit and veg. I cheated a little by re-staging the displays to give a lush, rustic look.

Ben is aiming to refit the shop soon. Replacing the shop sign with my new design, which matches the website.

Visit Bishop's Green Grocers website.

Website Menu for BD Foods

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

I designed the website menu for BD Foods, based on a sample from each category of their product range. Initially I chose a selection of products of different colours and textures to make each one distinctive. I then shot all the background images first. This meant I could experiment with different textures and lighting without having to also worry about the spoons at the same time. A range of shots were taken of each background, I then set up the spoons, all shot on a plain grey background with the spoon held on a mould, so that it was always at the same angle and position, despite all the washing and cleaning in between photographs. All the spoon shots were then cutout and layered on top of their respective backgrounds in one file so that all the elements could be lined up accurately. Each of the backgrounds was then moved independently to achieve the best combination image. See how they work on the BD Foods website.

Copenhagen Candles Design Updates

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Copenhagen Candles are constantly changing their range of perfumed candles – and the packaging too.

These are a range of simple labels for their newest range of ultra-stylish candles with beautiful stainless steel lids.

All the shots where taken here in the studio, with a few cheats along the way. Vanilla flowers are hard to find, so this is in fact the bottom of a plastic milk bottle chopped up and yellow highlighter pen added to the back.

The baby powder had the bottom chopped of and then clamped to a stand. The powder could then be topped up without taking the set to pieces. The flow of powder looked ok but I thought maybe water or milk might give a more defined edge. Wrong! it just sloshed all over the studio floor, but worth a try. The final shot had the stream of powder retouched and curved down in photoshop.

The last shot is waiting for a little jewellery box ‘treasure chest’ to put the faux Frankincense and Myrrh into. I put a bid in for two on Ebay and managed to win both of them, so will have to see which of the two looks the best.

Having researched the Frankincense and Myrrh resins I found a remarkable likeness to them in sugar crystals and dried apricots! so watch this space to see what the final shot looks like.

Anna V Rugs Website

Saturday, November 29th, 2008


The website for Anna V rugs is now almost complete. All that is left now is the fun job to shoot the missing location shots for the rest of the rugs. These should have been completed well before Christmas, but it seems the chaps making the rugs in India haven’t started making them yet!
Visit the Anna V Rugs website.

New Copenhagen Candles Shots

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Following the success of the brochure and website created earlier this year, Copenhagen Candles have received so many enquiries they have widened their range of products. There are now many more of the reed diffusers which proved so popular at the launch. With the new ideas coming in so quickly we are going to add a flap to the back page of the brochure to tuck in loose sheets of new products until the next reprint.

I discovered a new technique for the dual-wick candles – to put them all in the oven before hand to even up the wax, so needing a lot less retouching. The main challenge with candles en-masse like this is getting all the flames to burn evenly and vertically. So all the windows and doors have to be closed – the tiniest movement leaves them blowing all over the place! Even so there are a couple that will have to be retouched to look perfect.

The reed diffusers were easier to photograph just needing endless patience to keep rearranging them to look even and attractive.

Read more about my work for Copenhagen Candles.