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Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

I am forming a new opinion about what the less well off people of this country really need. Previously I had thought the obvious answer of money, but with recent experiences I think what a lot of them need is JUSTICE.

Three of my friends have been forced into their financial predicaments due to no fault of their own, but due to the greed and bullying of large companies or rich business men. One has been forced into bankruptcy by a deceiving corrupt business ‘partner’ and is now at the behest of an unscrupulous landlord.

Another has been suspended from work on a trumped-up charge, supposedly on full pay for months, now only to find the charge has been thrown out but he has not received the pay for the months he was suspended

Where is the legal system in this country? everyone says try citizen’s advice. But no one seems to have noticed in these instances we have no entitlement to legal aid.

If you have no money, debts and someone swindling you – and have no entitlement to legal aid – what are you meant to do? Well one answer must surely NOT be to spend millions on creating the new Supreme Court. This will do absolutely nothing to help those without legal aid.

Education for Salt!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I discussed my shortlist of ideal policies for the next election with a Labour party candidate yesterday. Apart from legal aid for all that need it (see above) my main tick-box requirement would be for FREE EDUCATION to degree level for everyone.

I was lucky in going to art college in the days before tuition fees. I also got a full grant, so when I left with my degree all I had to pay off was the overdraft. I certainly would not be where I am today without this help in getting a foot on the ladder.

My Labour party candidate said where would I get the money from to pay for this?

Having set off on the train back to Warrington, I think I can make a suggestion… SALT! I have seen dozens of posters, billboards and buses with the new ad asking us all to think about our salt consumption. Can anyone really stand up and tell me this sort of advert is a good use of our money? Apparently the government is the largest buyer of advertising in this country.

What happened to ring-fencing the ideals we all strive for? it seems bankers bonuses (still) get a higher priority, along with funding for patronising us all by telling us not consume too much salt.

Scanning Old Photos

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

With my mother’s 80th birthday coming up soon I have been looking through my dad’s old slides. At every family gathering out would come my dad’s Kodak rangefinder camera. He was very meticulous, being obsessed with photography, even building his own darkroom and enlarger for black and white prints. The slides have been very well preserved, all carefully labelled with the date and event. This one was taken on the 7th April 1962. I am in red.

Thanks to Paul Spencer at PDScanning for the scans to bring these memories back to life.